Bittrex exchange full reviewed in details

There have been complaints about very long wait times to get an answer from customer support. To be fair, every crypto exchange has disgruntled customers. But based on the reports, Bittrex’s customer service needs work. Bittrex offers volume discounts that reduce the fees you pay for trades based on your previous 30-day trading volume. In short, the more you trade, the less you pay, though you’ll have to trade tens of thousands of dollars worth of crypto per month to qualify. Like many cryptocurrency exchanges, Bittrex’s fee structure is based on the maker/taker model.

Nevertheless, the most significant changes have occurred in Bittrex’s user interface. The exchange quickly grew to become one of the best-known names in the sphere of crypto trading. It uses a self-regulatory model – so-called Transaction Systems Based on Trustworthy Technologies Act (aka “The Blockchain Act”), which is still awaiting regulatory approval. As a result, all of its customers must undergo strict Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering procedures.

bitrex review

Its system keeps rejecting it because it claims it is blurred which the license is not. Zendesk says it will not accept any other form of ID but a valid state DL. I need to remove my tokens on the exchange and need to download my transactions for tax year 2022. I have been dealing with Bittrex Global VIP since May 2022. I requested to withdraw my funds and they asked me to pay taxes at 31%. Customer Service told me to stop asking so many questions or they would close my account.

Yes, Bittrex global is regulated under Bermuda digital assets business act 2018. If you don’t have access to the recipient’s wallet, send the transaction file and wait for a response. Bittrex operates world-wide except Syria, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, the Crimean region. Though the company is US based, it is restricted to some of the states like Hawaii, New York, Vermont, and Connecticut. Full BioMaddy Simpson is an experienced data journalist and fact-checker with a background in financial analytics. However, upon review of the firm’s suspension activities, it had been revealed that these only fall at 0.1% of its entire user population.

How to open an account with Bittrex?

The company is committed to keeping the funds of the customers as secure as possible. Bittrex is cheap compared to other cryptocurrency exchange platforms. It charges a low trading fee based upon the customer’s 30-day volume. Maker and Taker charges are levied upon buyers and sellers, which varies according to the currency pair for which trading is conducted. Besides trading fees, Bittrex charges small transaction fees too. While there are no charges on deposits, a small fee is levied upon withdrawals.

bitrex review

While the platform is quite user-friendly, novice traders may get overwhelmed by the exchange’s trading platform as well as the number of digital assets it supports. While not all crypto assets are available in Bittrex for direct buy, the exchange platform still offers bittrex review a nice crypto selection. Bittrex doesn’t charge transaction fees for funding users’ accounts with payment methods like Visa debit cards or bank accounts. Bittrex is typically a crypto-to-crypto trading platform; however, it does allow its users to invest in USDT .

There has not been any hacking incident in the history of Bittrex so far, making it one of the safest exchanges today. They do charge a fee, however, to cover outgoing transactions, which can be viewed in Bittrex wallet management. As they are not responsible for the blockchain networks upon which the cryptocurrencies, it simply covers these fees as part of outgoing withdrawals.

Compared to other exchanges, Bittrex holds the middle ground when it comes to its fee structure. Binance offers a 0.1% fee structure, while Coinbase Pro charges 0.5%. One of the notable features of this exchange is that the founding members are all cyber-security engineers at the top of their game.

Users can log in to their trading dashboard on desktop or through the Bittrex mobile app, available for Android and iOS. The desktop interface offers a simple “Instant Buy/Sell” option where users can quickly make trades or purchase crypto with a debit card, bank account, or Bittrex account balance. Bittrex has slightly higher maker fees and taker fees than Kraken. And lastly, Kraken has 24/7 live chat support to reply to urgent matters.

Bittrex Exchange Review, Trading Fees, Deposit and Markets

The support page also houses dedicated sections for ‘Site Information,’ ‘Coin Information,’ and ‘Sign-up Tutorials’. Bittrex adheres to the US government’s Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer regulations to prevent financial fraud. It is also supervised by the Office of Economic Affairs of Liechtenstein and the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority.

Now you can send cryptocurrencies to this newly generated address. Elena is an expert in technical analysis and risk management in cryptocurrency market. She has 10+year experience in writing – accordingly she is avid journalists with a passion towards researching new insights coming into crypto erena.

To obtain one, you’ll need images of the company’s articles of incorporation, documents proving the business address, and, of course, tax numbers. A corporate account is harder to come by, but it comes with benefits and fewer fees. If you don’t know what you’re doing, though, don’t mess with this.

  • While the fees are a little higher than other platforms, they are far simpler and operate at a standard flat rate, which is more accessible to new cryptocurrency traders.
  • However, it means that you are limited if you want to trade in larger amounts.
  • The exchange permits the execution of standard spot trading on its platform.
  • Bittrex offers a set of extensive APIs to support third-party trading platforms and algorithmic trading.
  • The sign-up process is relatively simple, involving basic email verification, but identity verification is split over two different account types— basic and enhanced.

While Bittrex remains one of the most secure exchanges, some argue that it is more secure than it needs to be. However, it means that you are limited if you want to trade in larger amounts. While this percentage might be a little higher than some other exchanges, such a fee makes transactions for new traders much simpler when compared to other exchanges. Coincheck, a cryptocurrency exchange, was hacked in 2018, where $530 million worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen.


Two-factor authentication is mandatory for all Bittrex users, which ensures a high level of account security. They have recently made an exception to this rule— it’s possible to purchase USDT via wire transfer. The sign-up process is relatively simple, involving basic email verification, but identity verification is split over two different account types— basic and enhanced. Both account types requiretwo-factor authentication in order to withdraw capital. Listing a massive number of altcoins, however, is what makes it one of the most popular exchanges online.

Once registration is open, the signup process is relatively simple. Offering a range of features that make altcoin trading simple and easy, such as the recent addition of websocket support,that allows for instantaneous order book updating. Users are able to browse a customizable, intuitive interface that makes locating their desired trading pair easy. Users can also benefit fromnotifications when orders are either partially or fully filled. The currencies currently supported by Coinbase— transaction time frames are extremely short.

How Bittrex works

If you are one of them, you will not be disappointed with the range of cryptocurrencies at Bittrex. Bittrex has a slightly better customer support team than other exchanges. VISA deposits come with a 3% fee, while wire transfer costs depend on your bank. As a rule of thumb, SEPA transfers tend to be cheaper and faster than traditional wire transfers.

You’re free to deposit, trade, and withdraw money from Bittrex exchange only after submitting and getting all of these documents verified. Naturally, corporate accounts are subjected to even stricter verification conditions. Bittrex is another veteran exchange oriented-towards more experienced traders. Information provided on Forbes Advisor is for educational purposes only.

It is based in Liechtenstein and Bermuda and ranks as the 24th largest exchange on CoinMarketCap. The Bittrex exchange is available in 200+ countries, allowing users to trade and directly purchase over 440 cryptocurrencies using USD and EUR as fiat. The minimum deposit amount is USD 50, while there is no maximum limit on how much money you deposit. As a US trader, you must be from one of the approved states to be eligible for fiat trading.

Worst site ever, impossible to withdraw funds, and customer service is useless. It’s just an unbelievable hassle to get KYC-verified and if you are a bigger crypto player, they will ask an insane amount of information like proof of source of funds etc. Takes a LOT of time and trial and error to go through this process. They will let you do anything with great ease, except withdraw your funds to a bank account. They took my account hostage for no reason and want more verification but I’m an account holder since 2017 with no issues at all.